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Family Tax Refund Optimization (FTRO)

Our family tax refund optimization service is for families with multiple W2 Wage Earners. FTRO is recommended for families where parent(s) & children who are working and living in the same household. FTRO is ideal for families who could benefit from optimizing their aggregate family tax refunds through comparative filing of their tax returns.  Call us now to learn more about FTRO at 919.926.0691. Decisions are essential to living one’s life, helping family and others, & running a business well. Decide well. Live well. Experience the difference with our FTRO. 

Our Decision-Center is where Entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses know and understand B.A.T.C.H. wisdom/language better, get free tax return preparation, and to make their Seven-(7) Money Decisions smarter. Do you need/want to know more about the Seven-(7) Money Decisions or free tax return preparation? Call us at 919.926.0691.

Check My Tax Refund Instructions

To check status on your federal tax refund, you will need the following information from your tax return:

  1. Social Security Number (aka Tax Id)
  2. Filing Status
  3. Exact Tax Refund Amount

Please click following link after you have retrieved the above information:

Check Status On My Tax Refund Now

Request your FTRO Analysis

Save time with a free, no-obligation quote for ([B.A.T.C.H.] Banking, Accounting, Tax, Credit, Healthy Financial Decision and /or FTRO Analysis).

Tell us the details of your FTRO project (including B.A.T.C.H. or Financial Education), and we’ll respond with a quote and timeline for the work.

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