Our Story

Vision & Terrorism

September 11, 2001 (aka 9/11) was a huge turning point for people in America & the world. Our founder, former relationship banker at Wachovia Bank, who was in job transition after the merger with First Union Bank, had a vision of turning around a neglected bank. Then the news hit the airwaves, where many witnessed the awful terror of how airplanes were being used as weapons to kill, steal, & destroy our freedom, dreams & ideas. As a result, terrorism became a critical & painful risk factor in the political, economic, & military strategic framework of major & minor civilized nations. Additionally, ABC Management, Inc. Financial Education and B.A.T.C.H. wisdom seeds were in planting and planning stages.

Terrorism also became a critical & painful risk factor in the financial industry which affect the lives of every individual on the planet. Entrepreneurs, individuals, & businesses were having painful difficulty getting capital to expand and/or explore their dreams & ideas. The 9/11 terror caused a worldwide recession that inspired a worldwide resolution to fight terror around the world that is unlike prior wars. Terrorism is a different type of war which requires different thinking and methods for mitigation or elimination. American & world leaders were resolute to fight terror differently.

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This resolve to fight terror differently, ignited our founder’s spirit & vision to fight differently against financial terror & relationship issues that resulted from identity theft, payday lenders, scams, excessive fees, NSF fees, high interest rates, financial quarrels, slow payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments, liens, bad debts, repossessions, charge-offs, collections, and/or garnishments.  These painful issues can be mitigated or eliminated.  Our founder’s vision of turning around a neglected bank required helping individuals & business turn their financial situations towards safer & sounder ways through practical financial education and wisdom. This was accomplished by filling the wisdom & money gap being experienced by individuals & businesses using our practical financial education & B.A.T.C.H. Wisdom.
After the vision of turning around a neglected bank literally became a reality, (our founder having served two distinguished community banks & two large banks), we expanded the vision to effect changes worldwide (Our book, 5 Laws of Credit [English & Spanish], is in North & South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, & the Caribbean). Our founder’s expansion & exploration of his vision were influenced by past & present day leaders. These leaders include: Kings, Presidents, Business Leaders, Thought Leaders, Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Entrepreneurs, Teachers and GOD.

Through fasting & prayer: Financial Evangelism began to help advance wisdom, wealth, & health for individuals & businesses who desire to be the best they then can be in life, business, & sports as pain free as possible. It takes Christ & cash to care very well for people, animals, & things we enjoy. Follow GOD through Christ Jesus with diligence and watch your spiritual & financial growth increase. Decide well. Care well. Live well. Experience the difference.

Educate Self & Others

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ABC Management, Inc. Decision Center

Our Wisdom & Money Model (With Practical Financial Education)

Five years later, ABC Management, Inc. began full time operation on the fight against financial terror & to close the wisdom & money gap. Simultaneously, the book, 5 Laws of Credit For Your Personal Credit & Financial Freedom was written and the EZCASHBUDGET money management tool were launched.  Our decision-making tools were launched as two additional tools to help entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses to know & understand banking language better and to make their seven-(7) money decisions smarter & pain free as possible. If you need/want to know more about the seven-(7) money decisions, call us at 919.926.0691.

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisorKing Solomon writings in Ecclesiastes 7:12, “For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the Excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” The King’s insight provided our founder the inspiration for ABC Management, Inc Decision Center. It is our Wisdom & Money model (With Practical Financial Education) to help self & others fight differently against financial terrors/pains and relationship issues through better decision-making. Decisions are essential to living one’s life, helping family and others, & running a business well. Decide well. Live well. Experience the difference. Additionally, the King’s insight inspired our mission, while the King of Kings inspired our vision, pledge, values, dreams, & ideas.

Elevate Self & Others


Advancing wisdom, wealth, and health of families, businesses & individuals to achieve goals and to make or continue to make all obligations in time or on time (while eliminating related & relationship issues) as pain free as possible.


    • We pledge the love & loyalty of our hearts in the service of our fellow customers, members, believers, & citizens.
    • We pledge to think, speak, & do what is right, peaceful, & joyfully just.
    • We pledge to work diligently & creatively.
    • We pledge to think generously & honestly so that the World under GOD’s leadership will increase in beauty, fellowship & prosperity, and
    • We pledge to use our core values when playing our part in advancing wisdom, wealth, & health for all.

Emancipate Self & Others

Core Values


  • Love – courteous, respectful, patient, & unselfish service
  • Integrity – constant, upright, honest, & genuine service
  • Faith – committed to mitigate and/or eliminate financial problems
  • Trust – continuously provide right, relevant, & reliable service
  • Excellence – committed to quality service
  • Diligence – careful, engaging, & industrious service