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BANKING Advisory



ABC Management, Inc. Advisory - Banking

Our unique banking expertise combined with high touch & high tech customer service is unlike any other  firm.  From high tech electronic banking, to choosing the right bank/banker, or getting the right loan type. We enjoy helping you to achieve your dreams. We enjoy solving banking problems. Need capital? Decide well.  Call us now at 919-926-0691Learn more....

Healthcare Professional

ABC Management,Inc. 

Advisory- Tax & Credit

Decisions are essential to life & business. Need free tax return?   Need to establish credit the right way?  We've got the credit formula for you and or your business goals. Need an amended tax return?  Call us now for a no fee complimentary advisory session at 919-926-0691. Learn more.....

ABC Management,Inc. 

Advisory- Accounting

Our Financial Evangelists are accountants who are certified and current with continuous certifications and seminars.  We work hard to keep up-to-date on relevant information technology, laws, regulations, and techniques in our

fields of expertise.   Need help selecting right accounting software?  Decide well.  Need flexibility & access to affordable accounting? Call us now at 919-926-0691. Learn more.....

ABC Management, Inc. Advisory: advancing wisdom, wealth, & health





Accounting & Affordable Advisory

Need a virtual CFO?  Need assistance with making the right decisions for your practice?  Your need is our seed.

Bookkeeping & Bank Selection

We help your company  keep accurate records & select the right bank & banker.  Need to value your practice? Decide well.

Management & Medical Technology

Need up to $69M? Need state of the art EHR Technology before paying fines? Need to have EHR Compliance before 12/31/2014? Decide well. Call us now at 919-926-0691.

Capital & Credit

We'll help you get capital & build credit that is sound & strong. Get loans up to $250M fast. Decide well.  Live well.

 (919) 926-0691